My name is Mike Jaoudi. I am an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at New York University.


NYU Bus Tracker

The NYU Bus Tracker is an app designed to help students use the NYU buses. It takes real-time bus locations and combines them with scheduled departure times that the university provides. All of the times I reformatted and stored remotely. Every time the app starts up, it checks for changes in the times and seamlessly updates them. Northbound and southbound stops are presented as two stops by the real-time API but are presented to the user as one stop. The app can determine if they intended to use the northbound or southbound bus. The same stops on multiple routes are also combined. All of these things can be configured remotely so the app doesn't need to be updated for every little change. This is all to make a clean and easy experience for the user. The app is also fully functional without an internet connection. This app was developed at the beginning of my Junior year of college.


Snakez is the classic Snake game upgraded for the iPhone and iPad. What makes it unique is a head-to-head multiplayer mode over Bluetooth. It was built on top of cocos2d. Snakez was developed in my Freshman year of college. And it is free!


FencingRef is an iPhone app designed to help Fencing referees judge a fencing match. Referees would normally use a printed out scoresheet and write down points and penalties on there. Then they have to do various calculations by hand. They would use a separate device to keep track of the time. This app was designed to provide a streamlined and efficient way for referees to run and record fencing matches. FencingRef was the first app I ever created. It was originally created in my later years of High School.

About Me

I am a Computer Science major, Teacher Education minor at New York University. I love programming. My current focus is developing iOS app using Objective-C. I also have experience with C, C++ and Java.

For the past four summers I have worked at iD Tech Camps at Princeton University. I have worked as an Instructor, Lead Instructor and Curriculum Developer. Each week I get 8 students in my class. The have an entire week to learn new material and ultimately create a project to take home. The camp is also an overnight camp so we hold video game tournaments, movie nights, a casino night and a disco!

I was featured in the the 2014 Up and Comers Issue of Washington Square News. The full issue is available here.

I was an iOS Tutorial Team Member for RayWenderlich.com. Writing for this site has been a tremendous opportunity. The site gets millions of hits a month. I work with some incredible people to edit and improve my tutorials.

My Tutorials

Learn to Code iOS Apps. The series teaches how to write an iOS app in Objective-C given no prior programming experience.

iOS 7 Blur Effects with GPUImage This tutorial shows different techniques to create blurs in iOS 7 using GPUImage.